Work Out

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Definition 1:
Physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier often used before another noun .

Get plenty of fresh air and exercise.
Swimming is my favorite kind of exercise.
I need to get more exercise. [=I need to exercise more frequently]
She plays tennis chiefly for (the) exercise.
An exercise class/video/machine
exercise balls/mats
Definition 2:
A particular movement or series of movements done to become stronger and healthier .

Knee exercises
She did stretching exercises before her daily run.
Definition 3:
Something that is done or practiced to develop a particular skill .

Arithmetic exercises
Vocal exercises
Do the writing exercise at the end of each chapter.
Definition 4:
An activity that has a specified quality or result usually + in .

The negotiations have gotten nowhere, and I see no reason to continue with this pointless exercise.
Waiting for the letter to come was an exercise in patience.
An exercise in public relations
The negotiations turned out to be an exercise in futility. [=the negotiations were not successful or worthwhile]
Definition 5:
A ceremony for students who have graduated from a school .

Graduation/commencement exercises
Definition 6:
Military activities done for training .

Conducting naval exercises in the Mediterranean
Definition 7:
The use of an ability or power that you have .

We can avoid these problems by the exercise of a little common sense. [=by using a little common sense]
The exercise of self-control

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