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The Sun 2 Speed Crossword No 001492 Answers

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Latest update: The Sun 2 Speed Crossword No 001492 Answers for Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Across Clues

1 Upset? Go see news boss!
5 Club in wood?
8 Order parts for old wind instrument
9 Narrow escape as miners rioting
10 Final performance in bird calls
11 Piggish remark no problem around home
12 Season in which one sees adder?
15 Equestrian rounds a marauder
17 Signal receiver from Ashdod is here
19 Five battle without a break
22 Get actor performing as rural labourer?
23 Number of men in expensive clothes
24 Beamed although terribly misled
25 One or two perhaps at the MCC?

Down Clues

2 Joint jumping below
3 Drive around volcano country
4 Wild creature makes noise vanish
5 One deployed in assault now used for battery?
6 Stupid Duck in Disney film
7 Vital part of German city church
13 Not changing costume
14 God, very old, with wrecked appearance
16 Passionate at home, teens excited
18 Helot rebuilt lodging-house
20 Vehicle on journey carried goods
21 Weight of snow leopard?

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The Sun 2 Speed Crossword No 001491 Answers