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Definition 1:
A small area of a surface that is different from other areas often + on see also beauty spot sunspot.

The wood still has some rough spots.
The chair’s original paint is still visible in spots.
He fell through a weak spot in the ice.
The dog is black with a white spot on its chest.
There are wet spots on the floor.
A sore spot on his hand
He tries to cover up the bald spot on his head.
A bruised spot on the apple
Definition 2:
A small amount of a substance that is on something often + of .

The tablecloth had a couple of spots.
There were mud spots on the back of his pants.
Rust spots on the metal
A spot of grease
There was a tiny spot of ketchup at the corner of her mouth.
There wasn’t a spot of dust anywhere.
Definition 3:
A small mark or lump on your skin, on the surface of a plant, etc. .

I noticed some red spots on my arms.
spots of rot on the leaf
Definition 4:
pimple .

A teenager with spots on his face
Definition 5:
A particular space or area :place see also black spot hot spot nightspot trouble spot bright spot at bright.

This looks like a good spot for a picnic.
A sunny/shady spot
A quiet spot by the river
Our family’s favorite vacation spot
We had trouble finding a parking spot. [=space]
The battle happened exactly on/at this spot over 150 years ago.
There are spots in the essay where the writer drifts from his argument.
This is a good spot to stop the movie.
Definition 6:
A particular position in a competition, organization, program, etc. .

The teams are battling for the last play-off spot.
The band deserves a better spot in the festival’s lineup.
The talk show has been moved to a daytime spot.
He’s trying out for a spot on the team.
With such a large lead, the team is in a comfortable spot.
Definition 7:
An appearance on a television or radio program .

The host has several guest spots lined up tonight.
Definition 8:
A short announcement or advertisement on television or radio .

Advertising spots
Definition 9:
A difficult or embarrassing position or situation usually singular .

When the truth came out, they found themselves in an awful spot. [=fix, mess, predicament]
You put me in a (tight) spot.
Definition 10:
A small amount of something .

I had a spot of [=bit of] trouble putting the bicycle together.
How about a spot of tennis before lunch?
A spot of lunch
Just a spot of brandy, please.
They had a spot of bother with the Inland Revenue.

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