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Definition 1:
To move or go up (something) using your feet and often your hands .

climb a ladder/tree
climb the stairs
Definition 2:
To go up mountains, cliffs, etc., as a sport + obj no obj .

He dreams of climbing Kilimanjaro.
It took them six days to climb the mountain.
She has climbed seriously for several years now.
Definition 3:
To move yourself in a way that usually involves going up or down .

The actors were climbing down from the stage.
He climbed over the fence.
The passengers of the sailboat climbed aboard.
The pilot climbed into the cockpit.
I think she climbed in through the window.
He climbed out of the car with a box in his hands.
The players climbed into their uniforms [=put on their uniforms] and headed for the field.
Definition 4:
To go higher :to go upward .

The plane rapidly climbed up above the clouds.
We watched the smoke climb [=rise] into the night sky.
The trail climbs steeply as it nears the summit of the mountain.
Definition 5:
To move to a higher position in a ranking or list no obj + obj .

The book has climbed to number 2 on the bestsellers list.
Their second album is climbing the charts.
Definition 6:
To move to a social or professional position that is more respected or powerful no obj + obj .

The book describes how the senator climbed [=rose] to power.
He was hired right out of business school and started climbing the corporate ladder.
Definition 7:
To increase in amount, value, or level .

Divorce rates have climbed in recent decades.
The company’s earnings have climbed 13 percent this year.
The temperature keeps climbing.
Definition 8:
To grow up or over something + obj no obj .

There is ivy climbing the walls of the old building.
A climbing plant [=a plant that attaches itself to something, such as a wall, as it grows up it]

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