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Definition 1:
To attach (someone or something) to something with a string, rope, etc. .

His kidnappers tied him to a chair.
She tied (up) the dog to a post and went into the store.
Definition 2:
To pass (something, such as a string, ribbon, or rope) around itself in a way that attaches it to something or holds it in place :to make a knot or bow in (something) often + to sometimes used figuratively .

He tied (up) his shoelaces/necktie.
She tied a scarf around her neck.
He tied the ropes together. [=he attached the ropes to each other by tying a knot]
She wrapped a ribbon around the box and tied a bow. [=made a bow]
She tied knots in the rope.
He tied the rope to a tree branch.
I tied the dog’s leash to a post and went into the store.
At the end of the book, she ties together the separate plots of the story.
Definition 3:
To close or hold (something) with a string, rope, etc., that is attached to it or wrapped around it + obj no obj see also hands are tied at hand.

You need to tie your shoe.
The butcher tied (up) the package with string.
His hands and feet had been tied together.
Tie your hair back (in a ponytail) so it won’t fall in your face.
She tied the apron loosely around her waist.
The apron ties (up) in the back.
Definition 4:
To make the score of a game or contest equal + obj no obj .

She tied (up) the score with a late goal.
He can tie (up) the game with a home run.
The team still has a chance to tie.
Definition 5:
To end a game, race, etc., with the same score or in the same position as another person or team .

He tied for first/second place. [=he and another competitor both finished with the same score in first/second place]
Definition 6:
To achieve the same score, time, etc., as (a person, a record, etc.) .

I had the lead but he tied me by making a birdie on the last hole.
Her time tied the world record.
He tied the school’s record in the high jump.
Definition 7:
To connect (someone or something) to another person or thing usually used as (be) tied to .

He argues that poverty is closely tied to poor health. [=that poverty and poor health are closely related/connected]
The rise in crime has been tied [=linked] to drug dealing.
The rate of production is tied to consumer demand. [=the rate of production depends on consumer demand]
The prices of Web ads are tied to the number of visitors the sites have.
Definition 8:
To cause or require (someone) to be somewhere, do something, etc. often used as (be) tied to .

He has responsibilities that tie him to this area. [=that prevent him from leaving this area]
She was tired of being tied to the same routine. [=of always having the same routine]
He was tied to his desk all day. [=he had to work at his desk all day]
I didn’t want to be tied to driving her to work every day.

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