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Definition 1:
An event or act which shows that something exists or that gives information about something :sign often + of .

The change in his behavior is clearly a signal [=indication] that there is a problem.
He likes her but he is sending the wrong signals with his constant teasing.
Inflammation is a signal of infection.
Definition 2:
Something (such as a sound, a movement of part of the body, or an object) that gives information about something or that tells someone to do something .

Don’t start until I give the signal. [=sign]
The teacher gave us the signal to finish what we were working on and hand in our tests.
The pilot sent out a distress signal [=a message that the airplane was in danger] before the plane crashed.
They communicated with each other by using hand signals. [=movements of a person’s hands that mean something]
Definition 3:
A piece of equipment with colored lights that is used on railways and roads to tell people when to go, to slow down, or to stop .

Faulty wiring in the train station caused a signal to malfunction.
The traffic signal [=traffic light] was not working.
Definition 4:
A message, sound, or image that is carried by waves of light or sound .

The video/TV signal is scrambled.
Satellite dishes receive television signals.
A digital signal
The transmitter beams radio signals into space.
Definition 5:
A wave of light or sound that carries a message, sound, or image .

We’ll need better equipment to generate a 50 Hz signal.

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