Creep Forward

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Definition 1:
A unit of measurement equal to 1/36 yard or 1/12 of a foot (2.54 centimeters) .

It measures six inches from top to bottom.
An insect that is an inch long = an inch-long insect
I’m five feet, two inches tall. = I’m five foot two (inches).
Definition 2:
A small amount, distance, or degree The expression (if you) give them an inch, (and) they’ll take a mile means that if you allow people to have a small amount of something that they want, they will take much more of it. .

The bullet missed my head by inches. [=the bullet came very close to hitting my head]
I begged him to reconsider, but he wouldn’t give/budge an inch. [=he wouldn’t make even a slight change in his opinion or attitude]
I tried to improve the system, but she opposed me every inch of the way. [=she opposed everything that I tried to do]
We searched every inch of the house. [=we searched the house completely]
The school is considering allowing older students to leave the campus for lunch on Fridays, but I’m concerned that if we give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. [=students will leave campus more often]

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