Works Of Poets Are Broadcast

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Definition 1:
To function or behave in a proper or particular way .

They hope to have the windmill operating again tomorrow.
The camera also operates underwater.
The machine can operate at high speeds.
We need someone who operates [=performs] well under pressure.
The drug operates [=(more commonly) works] quickly.
Definition 2:
To use and control (something) sometimes used in combination .

Instructions for operating the new microwave oven
A license to operate a motor vehicle
operate machinery
A coin-operated washing machine [=a washing machine that you must put coins into in order to use]
Voice-operated computer systems
Definition 3:
To have control of (something, such as a business, department, program, etc.) .

operating [=managing, running] a business
The café is owned and operated by a young couple.
The organization operates a recycling program.
Definition 4:
To function as a business, group, etc. .

It’s the only casino operating in the state.
The mill has been operating [=(more commonly) in operation] for 100 years.
The company operates from Chicago.
Soldiers operating overseas
A militant group operating against the government
Definition 5:
To perform surgery often + on .

The doctors needed to operate immediately.
operate on a tumor/patient

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