Unenclosed Land Often Seen

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Definition 1:
Belonging to or shared by two or more people or groups see also common ground common knowledge at knowledge.

They have a common ancestor.
The people on the island have a sense of common identity.
A common goal/interest
The pool at the condominiums is common property. [=the pool is owned by all of the condominium owners]
The organization works for the common good. [=the public good; the advantage of everyone]
He was chosen as the leader by common consent. [=everyone agreed that he should be the leader]
Definition 2:
Done by many people .

It is common practice for one town’s fire department to help another town when there is a big fire.
A common spelling mistake
Definition 3:
Occurring or appearing frequently :not rare .

A common [=widespread] disease
Buffalo were once a common [=familiar] sight on the American plains.
Electric windows are a common feature in new cars.
“Smith” is a common name.
The problem is common to laptop computers. = It’s common for laptop computers to have this problem.
I think some of the most common flowers are also some of the prettiest.
Definition 4:
Of a type that is regularly seen and not considered special or unique .

The common housefly
Cures for the common cold
Definition 5:
Without special rank or status .

A common soldier
You’re nothing but a common [=ordinary] thief!
Definition 6:
Not having power, wealth, or high status see also common sense.

My parents were common [=ordinary, regular] folk.
The common people
The common man
Definition 7:
Expected from polite and decent people .

He didn’t even have the common decency to apologize.
It is common courtesy to say “thank you.”
Definition 8:
Of or belonging to a low social class .

His manners are very common.
She thought him common and uneducated.

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