The Sun 2 Speed Crossword No 001351 Answers

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Latest update: The Sun 2 Speed Crossword No 001351 Answers for Monday, December 4, 2023

Across Clues

1 Doesn’t let go: sets free instead
5 Bear in Kazakhstan desert
8 Small airship beginning to become soft
9 Whipped cream covering old Tory leader
10 Trustworthy news boss in bed with the French
11 Prepare some korma kebabs
13 Some prelate disappointed or delighted?
15 Visitor left article from Paris in vehicle
18 Crossing road behind Foreign Office
19 Hungry in Verona out with American
22 Romeo leaves to shorten meeting
23 Officer on westbound chopper gets lift
24 Commotion in field
25 Maiden in Exeter potentially exceptional

Down Clues

1 Large taxi capsized in river disaster
2 Nonsense some might swallow?
3 Couple in one sea weakened
4 Symbol of peasant’s morbid and empty life
5 A few like this Sun compiler?
6 One’s words necessarily sent up in this?
7 Caught hiding in sand, one never learns
12 Old man strong: he’s gone to make footpath
14 Organise to get artist up mountains
16 What we learn by accepting standard award
17 Difficult struggle in Sussex town
18 Target female officer commanding us
20 Traitor interrupts Old English speech
21 Caught parrot in cloak

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