Southern Duke Holding In Brown Stomach

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Definition 1:
To be in an upright position with all of your weight on your feet .

She was standing near the window.
He was standing next to me.
All of the seats on the bus were taken so we had to stand.
Don’t just stand there (doing nothing)—do something!
He can stand using a cane.
You’re standing on my foot. [=you’re standing with your foot on top of my foot]
He was standing in a puddle of water.
The deer stood still, listening for danger.
The soldiers stood (up) straight.
We had to stand in line for over an hour.
People were just standing around [=standing without doing anything], waiting to get inside the theater.
Definition 2:
To move onto your feet from a sitting or low position often + up .

Please stand [=(more formally) rise] for the national anthem.
He stood up to greet her.
She was crouching down to look at something, but she stood up when she saw me.
Definition 3:
To be in an upright position .

Two bowling pins were left standing.
A shovel and rake stood in the corner.
The house she grew up in is no longer standing. [=the house has been destroyed or knocked down; the house no longer exists]
Definition 4:
To put (something or someone) in an upright position often + up .

She stood the ladder against the house.
He stood the boy up on a chair.
Could you stand the picture frame back up?
Definition 5:
To be in a particular place or position often used figuratively .

A clock stood on the mantelpiece.
The mansion stands on a hill.
A row of trees stands between the two houses.
A single putt stands between her and the title. [=if she makes the putt, she will win the title]
Go ahead and leave. I won’t stand in your way. [=I won’t try to stop you]
We won’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of our happiness. [=prevent us from being happy]
Definition 6:
To remain in a place or position without moving or being moved .

The plane stood on the runway ready for takeoff.
The machine stood idle.
Rainwater standing in stagnant pools
Add the water and let the mixture stand for three minutes.
Definition 7:
To be a specified height .

He stands six feet two (inches tall).
The tower stands over 1,000 feet high.
Definition 8:
To be in a particular state or situation .

Where do we stand financially? [=what is our financial condition?]
She stands accused of murder. [=she has been accused of murder]
Definition 9:
To have a particular belief or opinion about something .

Where do you stand on the death penalty? Do you think it should be used or not?
We still don’t know where he stands on this issue.
They stand divided [=they disagree] on this issue.
She stands for/against the new regulations. [=she supports/opposes the new regulations]
We ask you to stand (with us) in support of this proposal. [=we ask you to support this proposal]
From where I stand, I think we have to do it.
Definition 10:
To have a particular rank or position within a group .

The team still stands [=ranks] first in the division.
She is currently standing in second place.
(chiefly Brit) He stands high/low with the voters. [=the voters have a good/bad opinion of him]
Definition 11:
To continue to be at a specified number or amount often + at .

Interest rates stand at 13 percent.
The home run record stands at 73.
Definition 12:
To not be changed :to remain valid or effective .

The decision still stands.
The record she set seems likely to stand for many years.
Definition 13:
To exist at the present time .

You must take or leave our offer as it stands.
That is how the situation stands at present.
As things stand, we will not be able to meet your deadline.
Definition 14:
To be in a position in which you are likely to gain or lose something followed by to + verb .

We stand to make a sizable profit from the sale.
They stand to lose their home if they can’t find a way to pay their bills.
Definition 15:
To be willing or able to accept (something or someone unpleasant) without complaint usually used with can, can’t, cannot, could, and couldn’t .

Can you stand [=tolerate, put up with] waiting a few more minutes? = Can you stand to wait a few more minutes?
How can you stand her friends?
He couldn’t stand [=bear, endure] the pain.
I can only stand so much of your nonsense.
His behavior was more than I could stand.
I couldn’t stand the thought/idea of having to move again.
Definition 16:
used to say that someone strongly dislikes a person or thing .

I can’t stand him. [=I hate him]
She can’t stand cooking. = She can’t stand to cook.
They can’t stand being apart.
I can’t stand it when people behave like that!
Definition 17:
To not be harmed by (something) :withstand .

I need a frying pan that can stand being placed in the oven.
These plants can stand [=endure] very cold temperatures.
His plays have stood the test of time. [=his plays are still read by many people today]
Definition 18:
used to say that someone or something should have or do something or would be helped by something usually used after could .

You look like you could stand some sleep. [=you look very tired; you look like you need some sleep]
He could stand losing a few pounds. = He could stand to lose a few pounds.
That bush could stand to be trimmed. [=that bush needs to be trimmed]
Definition 19:
To be a candidate in an election for a particular office often + for .

He is standing [=(US) running] for a seat in Parliament.
Definition 20:
To pay for (a meal or drink) .

I’ll stand a meal for you. = I’ll stand you a meal.
He stood drinks for the table.

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