Sons Pick Extremely Funny Person

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Definition 1:
To suddenly cry out in a loud and high voice because of pain, surprise, etc. .

She screamed when the door suddenly slammed shut.
This is so irritating I could scream.
The crowd screamed with excitement.
He was dragged, kicking and screaming, from the room.
Definition 2:
To say (something) in a loud and high voice because you are angry, afraid, etc. no obj + obj often + out .

He screamed at/for her to stop.
“Help!” he screamed.
The general screamed out orders.
Definition 3:
To make a very loud, high sound .

Sirens were screaming in the distance.
Definition 4:
To move very quickly through a place while making a lot of noise .

Police cars screamed down the street.
Definition 5:
To speak, write, or express something in a way that shows intense or uncontrolled emotion .

Newspaper headlines screamed about the spike in crime.
Definition 6:
To bring (an idea, word, etc.) into your mind very clearly .

The amount she paid in taxes was so low that it practically screamed “fraud.” [=it very strongly suggested that she had committed fraud]
That big white dress screams “Marry me.”

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