Sixty Seconds

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Definition 1:
A unit of time equal to 60 seconds :one 60th of an hour .

Bake the cake for 25–30 minutes.
We waited for several minutes, but no one came to the door.
He can run a six-minute mile. [=he can run a mile in six minutes]
Definition 2:
A brief period of time :moment see also last minute.

I saw him a minute ago.
Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes.
One minute it was sunny, the next it was pouring rain.
Could I have a minute of your time? = Do you have a minute? = Could I speak to you for a minute? [=could I speak to you briefly?]
I’m coming, just give me a minute. [=wait for me]
It was an excellent show. I enjoyed every minute of it. [=I enjoyed all of it]
I’ll explain that in a minute. [=shortly, soon]
Definition 3:
The distance that can be traveled in a minute .

My house is just a few minutes from here.
Definition 4:
An official record of what was said and done in a meeting .

The secretary read the minutes of the last meeting.
The secretary took the minutes [=recorded in writing what happened] during the meeting.
Definition 5:
One of 60 equal parts into which a degree can be divided for measuring angles .

42 degrees and 30 minutes

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