Say Gold Piece

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Definition 1:
One of the basic substances that are made of atoms of only one kind and that cannot be separated by ordinary chemical means into simpler substances .

Chemical elements
Water is composed of the elements hydrogen and oxygen.
Definition 2:
A particular part of something (such as a situation or activity) .

Self-confidence was a key/vital element [=factor] in her success.
There’s always an element of risk [=there’s always some risk] in starting a new business.
There’s a large element of truth [=there’s a great deal of truth] in what she says.
The attackers were relying on the element of surprise. [=they were relying on their attack being a surprise]
Definition 3:
A part of an electrical device that produces heat .

The (heating) element of an electric iron
Definition 4:
The most basic parts of a subject of study .

The elements [=rudiments] of grammar
Definition 5:
A group of people that form part of a larger group .

The different elements of society
The criminal element
Definition 6:
The weather and especially stormy or cold weather .

The deck’s bare wood was exposed to the elements.
The climbers battled/braved the elements to reach the summit.
Definition 7:
The state or place that is normal or suited to a person or thing .

At school she was (really) in her element. [=in a place where she was comortable and did well]
I tried living in the city, but I was/felt out of my element there. [=living in the city did not suit me]
Definition 8:
One of the four substances (air, water, fire, and earth) that were believed in the past to make up every physical thing in the universe.

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