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Definition 1:
Polite, moral, and honest .

I don’t understand how so decent a person could be involved with this kind of crime.
decent, hardworking people
He is a decent guy who would help anyone in need.
You need to do the decent thing and tell her what happened.
Definition 2:
Showing kindness :seeming to care about the feelings or problems of other people .

It’s really decent [=nice, thoughtful] of them to help us like this.
I apologized for the damage to his car, and he was pretty decent [=understanding] about it.
Definition 3:
Good enough but not the best :adequate or acceptable .

She’s a decent [=fairly good] tennis player.
They can’t afford decent [=adequate] housing.
Are there any decent schools in that area?
They served us a decent (enough) meal.
I’ve got to get some decent clothes.
He makes a decent living. = He has a job making/earning decent money.
A halfway decent [=pretty good] movie
Definition 4:
Appropriate or suitable opposite indecent.

I know you’ve got a lot to do, but try to get to bed at a decent hour. [=at a time that is not too late at night]
We were asked to wait a decent interval [=wait for an appropriate amount of time] before making the announcement.
Definition 5:
Not using language that offends people :not including behavior or ideas that people commonly find offensive opposite indecent.

Please keep your jokes decent—there are children in the room.
Definition 6:
Wearing enough clothes :wearing clothes that cover enough of your body so that you are not embarrassed if someone sees you .

I can’t come to the door right now—I’m not decent. Wait a minute, OK?
Can I come in? Are you decent?

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