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Definition 1:
An amount that is cut or separated from a larger section of something often + of see also piece of cake.

Divide the pie into six equal pieces.
The cheese was cut into small pieces and arranged on a silver platter.
I need a few more pieces of tape.
A long piece of string
A piece of wood/metal/plastic/leather/cloth
A piece of steak/chicken/fish
A piece [=slice] of pizza/bread/cake
Definition 2:
An amount of something considered separately from the rest + of .

She bought a small piece of land/property in the country.
Definition 3:
A small often broken part of something .

pieces [=fragments] of broken glass
You have a piece of lettuce stuck between your teeth.
Her broken bicycle lay in pieces by the side of the road.
I watched her rip the letter to/into pieces and throw it away.
The old bridge was blown to pieces [=blown apart] during the war.
Definition 4:
One of the parts that form a complete thing when they are put together often used in combination .

There are 12 pieces in this stainless steel knife set.
A jigsaw puzzle with 500 pieces
We’re missing one piece of the puzzle.
They built up the stone wall one piece at a time. = They built up the stone wall piece by piece.
I took apart the engine piece by piece and put it back together again.
(Brit) The rifle comes to pieces [=it separates into parts] for easy storage.
(Brit) They took the bed to pieces [=they took apart the bed] and moved it out of the room.
A three-piece suit
One-piece bathing suits
A five-piece band
Definition 5:
A part of someone or something that is shared with other people :portion + of see also a piece of the action at action a piece of the pie at pie.

A piece of the jackpot
They went there to claim a piece of the American dream for themselves.
The town is growing fast, and these construction companies want a piece of the new housing market.
Once she became famous, everyone wanted a piece of her. = Everyone wanted a piece of her time. [=everyone wanted her to do things for them]
Definition 6:
One of a particular type of thing + of see also conversation piece piece of work.

Please take out a piece [=sheet] of paper and write your name on the top.
I packed three pieces of fruit: two apples and a banana.
A piece of candy/chalk
We had several new pieces of furniture delivered to our home.
You got two pieces of mail today.
A piece of clothing
An expensive piece of jewelry/luggage/equipment
His last car was a piece of junk. [=it was worthless or of poor quality]
Definition 7:
An example or amount of something usually singular + of .

May I offer you a piece [=bit] of advice? [=may I offer you some advice?]
I just heard a wonderful piece of news!
A new piece of information/evidence
An important piece of legislation
A silly piece of nonsense
That’s a really nice piece of work you’ve done there!
An impressive piece of acting
A famous piece [=work] of art/literature/music
Definition 8:
A work of art, music, drama, or literature see also museum piece period piece set piece.

The statue David is one of Michelangelo’s most famous pieces.
A piece painted by Pablo Picasso
Next, we will be performing a piece by J. S. Bach.
A piano piece = a piece (written) for piano
They performed a short dramatic piece written for the king’s birthday.
Definition 9:
An article in a newspaper or magazine or one of the parts of a television or radio news program often + about or on see also puff piece.

He has written several pieces for the magazine.
The newspaper printed her opinion piece [=an article that expresses someone’s beliefs or views] criticizing the president.
Did you see that piece about/on the earthquake survivors?
Definition 10:
One of the small movable objects in a game like chess or checkers .

Move your piece [=man] forward three spaces.
Capturing an opponent’s pieces
Definition 11:
A coin that has a specified value .

A 50-cent piece
A 10-pence piece
Definition 12:
A coin that is made of a specified metal .

30 gold pieces
Definition 13:
gun .

(chiefly US, informal) He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece. [=handgun]
artillery pieces [=large guns that shoot over long distances] from the First World War
Definition 14:
An amount of distance that is not specified .

Their house is a fair piece from here. [=is a fairly long way away from here]
It’s down the road a piece.

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