Patient In Legal Action

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Definition 1:
A situation or occurrence that is an instance or example of something .

That was true in all three cases. [=instances]
We usually ask for a 100-dollar deposit, but in this case we’ll make an exception.
They might not let you buy the tickets yet, in which case [=and if that is true] you should try again tomorrow.
It was a case of mistaken identity. [=a situation in which someone or something is mistakenly thought to be someone or something else]
A classic case [=a typical example] of sibling rivalry
Definition 2:
A situation that is being investigated or managed by someone (such as a police officer or social worker) in an official way .

Her disappearance is a case for the police.
Detectives are on the case.
A murder/rape/kidnapping case
The abused child’s case was turned over to state authorities.
Definition 3:
A form of a noun, pronoun, or adjective showing its relationship to other words in a sentence .

The word “child’s” in “a child’s shirt” is in the possessive case.
Definition 4:
What actually exists or happens .

A lot of people have had trouble working with him, and that was certainly the case with me. [=I also had trouble working with him]
She had expected him to come home, but that was not to be the case. [=but that didn’t happen]
The doctor may or may not have been at fault, but whatever the case (may be) [=either way] the patient almost died.
Is it not the case [=isn’t it true] that she took the car without permission?
Definition 5:
A situation that will be talked about and decided in court The phrase I rest my case can be used to say that you have finished an argument or to suggest that something proves that what you are saying is true. see also test case.

A court case
A civil/criminal case
The lawyer agreed to take/handle the case.
I said that it wouldn’t work and it didn’t. I rest my case.
Definition 6:
A convincing argument .

He makes a good case for cutting expenses.
Definition 7:
An occurrence of a disease or an injury .

An AIDS case
He has a bad/severe/slight case of the flu.
Definition 8:
An occurrence of discomfort, fear, etc. .

She had a bad case of the nerves/jitters/butterflies [=she was very nervous] before she gave her report.
Definition 9:
A particular person and his or her condition or character see also basket case head case.

You are a sad case.

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