Kansas City Magistrate Imprisons Duke

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Definition 1:
To move quickly to one side in order to avoid being hit by (someone or something) .

He dodged the first punch but was hit by the second.
dodging traffic
Definition 2:
To move quickly in order to avoid being hit, seen, stopped, etc. .

She dodged through the crowds as she hurried home.
He dodged [=ducked] behind the bushes.
We dodged between the cars as we raced across the street.
Definition 3:
To get away from or avoid (someone or something) in a skillful or dishonest way .

She dodged [=evaded] the question by changing the subject.
They managed to dodge the reporters by leaving through the back exit.
She accused him of dodging his responsibilities as a parent.
Many young men tried to dodge the draft [=to avoid being drafted into the military] by leaving the country.

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