Journey By Air

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Definition 1:
The act of flying :the act of moving through the air by the use of wings .

The flight of a bee
A bird in flight [=a bird that is flying]
Definition 2:
The act of moving through the air or through outer space .

The flight of a bullet/baseball
The flight of a rocket to the moon
Definition 3:
The act of running away in order to escape from danger .

The flight of refugees
Definition 4:
A journey on an airplane .

An overnight flight
A transatlantic flight
A direct/nonstop flight
Definition 5:
The airplane that is making a journey .

Our flight leaves at noon.
They boarded Flight 101.
Definition 6:
A group of similar birds, airplanes, etc., that are flying through the air together .

A flight of geese
Definition 7:
A series of stairs going from one level or floor to another .

Her apartment is five flights up.
He fell down a flight of stairs.

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