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Definition 1:
Very good at learning or thinking about things :intelligent see also street-smart.

He’s a smart [=bright, clever] guy.
Poodles are said to be smart dogs.
Definition 2:
Showing intelligence or good judgment :wise .

That was a smart investment.
Taking that job was a smart move. [=a good decision]
Definition 3:
Behaving or talking in a rude or impolite way :showing a lack of respect for someone .

Don’t get smart with me. [=don’t be rude to me]
He gave her a smart answer.
Definition 4:
Very popular :stylish and fashionable somewhat old-fashioned in U.S. English .

One of the smartest restaurants in town
He hangs out with the smart set. [=the popular and usually rich people]
Definition 5:
Very neat and clean somewhat old-fashioned in U.S. English .

What a smart [=beautiful, charming] little kitchen you have!
He looks smart [=(US) sharp] in his new suit.
Definition 6:
Very quick and energetic .

I gave him a smart slap on the head.
We continued along at a very smart pace.
Definition 7:
Controlled by computers and able to do things that seem intelligent .

smart bombs/weapons

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