In The End

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Definition 1:
At a time following (something or someone) :later than (something or someone) .

We arrived shortly after six o’clock.
He returned after 20 years.
Before, during, and after the war
He left just/right/immediately/soon/shortly after nightfall/dark.
Night fell, and soon after that [=soon afterward] he left.
He finished the exam after me.
I stood up after the judge (did). [=the judge stood up before I (did)]
Call me after your arrival.
She was going to arrive tomorrow but I’m now expecting her the day after tomorrow instead.
She hasn’t lived there since (the time) after the war.
They earned $30,000 after (paying) taxes.
He left after an hour.
Let’s get going! It’s after [=past] 12 (o’clock).
The job got easier after a while. [=after some time had passed]
Definition 2:
used to describe a time following a specified hour .

It’s 20 (minutes) after 12. [=it’s 20 past 12; it’s 12:20]
Definition 3:
Following and because of (something) .

After all our advice, she’s certain to do better. [=she’s certain to do better because we have given her our advice]
Definition 4:
Following and in spite of (something) .

Even after all our advice, she still did badly! [=she did badly even though we gave her our advice]
How can you say that after what happened last night?
Definition 5:
Following (something or someone) in order or in a series The phrase after you is used as a polite way of saying that someone should go ahead of you or do something before you do it. In British English, you can say after you with something to ask the person who is using something to let you use it next. .

It’s the highest mountain after Mount Everest.
You’ll see my house just before the bank and after the school.
The number 2 comes before 3 and after 1. [=2 comes between 1 and 3]
My name is listed after yours.
You go first and I’ll go/follow after you.
The children marched out one after the other in single file.
After you, Madam!
After you with the pencil, please. [=I would like to use the pencil when you have finished using it]
Definition 6:
used in phrases to describe something that happens many times or for a long period of time .

They have suffered misfortune after misfortune. [=they have suffered a long series of misfortunes]
Wave after [=upon] wave was beating against the shore.
She does her job day after day without complaining.
He’s done the same thing time after time.
Definition 7:
Trying to catch or get (something or someone) If people are after you to do something, they want you to do it and they tell you to do it repeatedly. .

The dog ran after the ball. [=the dog ran to get the ball]
The police went/chased after the escaped criminal.
The police are after him. [=are trying to catch him]
What do you think he’s after with all his questions? [=what is he trying to achieve by asking his questions?]
Mom was after me to clean my room. [=Mom repeatedly told me to clean my room]
Definition 8:
Following the actions or departure of (someone) .

She called/shouted after him as he walked away. [=she called/shouted at/toward him as he walked away]
They made a mess and didn’t clean up after themselves. [=they didn’t clean up the mess they made]
If you make a mess, don’t expect me to clean up after you.
Definition 9:
With the name of (someone or something) .

He was called George after his father.
She was named after her grandmother. [=she was given the same name as her grandmother]
The game rugby was named after Rugby School in England, where it began.
Definition 10:
In the manner of (someone or something) .

A building patterned after [=on] a cathedral
(formal) a story after (the manner of) Hemingway
Definition 11:
In a lower or less important position than (something) .

They put quality after quantity. [=they cared more about quantity than about quality]
Definition 12:
About or concerning (someone or something) .

I met one of your old friends and she was asking/inquiring after you. [=she was asking about you; she was asking how you are]
She was asking after your health.

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