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Definition 1:
To hold someone in your arms as a way of expressing love or friendship + obj no obj Although embrace and hug each describe holding another person in your arms, embrace usually suggests deeper or stronger feelings than hug does..

He embraced her warmly/lovingly/tenderly.
Two old friends (warmly) embracing [=hugging] each other
They embraced one last time before going their separate ways.
Definition 2:
To accept (something or someone) readily or gladly .

A politician who has been embraced by conservatives
embrace [=adopt] a cause/religion
These ideas have been (widely) embraced by a the scientific community.
Definition 3:
To use (an opportunity) eagerly .

She gladly/eagerly embraced [=welcomed] the opportunity/chance to study abroad.
Definition 4:
To contain or include (something) as a part of something larger .

Charity embraces all acts of generous giving.
It’s a subject that embraces many areas of learning.
Definition 5:
To enclose (something) on all sides usually used as (be) embraced .

A town embraced [=surrounded] by low hills

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