Good Girl Finds Mirror

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Definition 1:
A hard usually transparent material that is used for making windows and other products often used before another noun see also plate glass stained glass.

He broke the glass.
A glass bowl/bottle
Definition 2:
A drinking container made out of glass The expression raise a glass or raise your glasses is used to tell people to hold up their glasses and drink a toast as a way to wish someone happiness, success, etc..

The waiter filled our glasses with water.
An elegant wine glass
Definition 3:
The amount held by a glass container .

She drank two glasses of water.
Definition 4:
A pair of glass or plastic lenses set into a frame and worn over the eyes to help a person see see also field glasses magnifying glass opera glasses.

I have to wear glasses [=spectacles, (US) eyeglasses] for reading. = I have to wear reading glasses.
She was wearing dark glasses with thick black frames.
Horn-rimmed glasses

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