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Definition 1:
An amount or degree of something count usually singular noncount .

She felt equal measures of hope and fear.
The province has gained a large measure of freedom.
Their children want a greater measure of independence. [=they want more independence]
The coating provides a measure of protection [=provides some protection] against corrosion.
The proposal has been met with a measure [=a certain amount] of skepticism.
The alarm system provides an added measure of security. [=provides more security]
The show mixes comedy and drama in equal measure. [=in equal amounts]
He returned their hostility in full measure. [=he was as hostile toward them as they were toward him]
The company’s success is due in no small measure to her talents. [=its success is largely due to her talents]
Their actions were motivated in large measure by a desire for revenge.
An occasion like this calls for some measure of decorum.
Definition 2:
Something (such as a cup or a ruler) that is used to measure things see also tape measure.

Definition 3:
A unit used in measuring something see also made-to-measure.

The meter is a measure of length.
The dictionary includes a table of weights and measures.
Definition 4:
An action planned or taken to achieve a desired result .

The legislature has passed a measure aimed at protecting consumers.
The governor has proposed a number of cost-cutting measures.
They were forced to resort to desperate/extreme measures.
Protective/punitive/preventive measures
We need to take measures to protect ourselves.
Definition 5:
A sign or indication of something usually singular .

Wealth is not a measure of happiness.
Her willingness to compromise is a measure of how much she’s changed.
Definition 6:
A way of judging something .

The company is a success by any measure.
Are IQ tests the best measure of intelligence?
Definition 7:
A part of a line of written music that is between two vertical lines or the group of beats between these lines .

A brief clarinet solo in the third measure
Can you hum a few measures [=bars] of that song?

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