Frenchman In Exeter Could Become Intense

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Definition 1:
Very great in degree .

The plant is sensitive to extreme heat and cold.
They are living in extreme poverty.
If you have to go out in the storm, use extreme caution. [=be very careful]
Extreme accuracy is required.
extreme old age
Definition 2:
Very serious or severe .

She went on an extreme diet.
Many thought that the punishment was too extreme for the crime.
extreme weather conditions
This situation calls for extreme [=drastic] measures.
The plan was rejected as too extreme.
This is an extreme example of what can happen when a company grows too quickly.
Definition 3:
Very far from agreeing with the opinions of most people :not moderate .

He has extreme opinions when it comes to politics.
Members of the extreme right/left opposed the legislation.
Definition 4:
In the farthest possible position .

In the photo, she is at/on the extreme right/left. [=she is in the position that is farthest to the right/left]
The city is in the extreme northern part of the state.
Definition 5:
Unusual and dangerous .

extreme sports
He is a fan of extreme skiing/snowboarding.
Definition 6:
Involved in an unusually dangerous sport :competing in an extreme sport .

An extreme athlete
He is an extreme snowboarder/skier.

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