Frank Inside With One Starlet

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Definition 1:
Good and truthful :not lying, stealing, or cheating opposite dishonest.

They are honest people.
He says that it’s impossible to find an honest politician.
These criminals pose a danger to honest citizens.
Definition 2:
Showing or suggesting a good and truthful character opposite dishonest.

He has an honest face.
Definition 3:
Not hiding the truth about someone or something :not meant to deceive someone opposite dishonest.

Just give me an honest answer.
An honest reply
If you want my honest opinion, you should get a job.
To be perfectly/quite honest, I don’t want to go.
You shouldn’t be afraid of a little honest criticism. [=criticism that is based on facts]
I’d be less than honest [=I would be lying] if I told you there won’t be problems.
He gave us a painfully/brutally/refreshingly honest account of his childhood.
I don’t think these people are being honest with me. [=I don’t think they’re telling me the truth]
Definition 4:
Not deserving blame :not done with the intent of hurting or harming anyone .

It was an honest error/mistake.
Definition 5:
Done using your own work or effort :not gotten by cheating, lying, etc. .

He still goes to the office every morning and puts in an honest day’s work.
He’s just trying to earn an honest living. [=he is trying to earn a good amount of money for his hard work]
These people work hard, and they deserve an honest wage. [=an amount of money that is fair for the work that is done]
Definition 6:
Plain and good :not fancy .

The restaurant prides itself on serving simple, honest food.

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