For A Second Time

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Definition 1:
For another time :one more time .

Please, come see us again.
Spring is beginning again.
It was nice to see my friends again.
She wants to prove that she can do it again.
Things are back to normal again.
I will never be so foolish again. = Never again will I be so foolish.
When we heard the news, we all said, “Oh no! Not again!”
She demonstrated yet again her remarkable artistic talents.
It’ll just be the same thing all over again.
I told him over and over again to be careful. = I told him again and again to be careful. [=I told him many times to be careful]
She returned to the bookstore again and again. [=repeatedly, many times]
Definition 2:
To a previous position or place .

We flew from Boston to Chicago and back again. [=back to Boston]
When he stood up, he got so dizzy that he had to sit down again.
Definition 3:
used to introduce a thought or possibility that differs from a preceding one usually used in the phrase then again .

He might go, and again he might not.
He might go, and then again, he might not.
Then again, perhaps they were right.
Definition 4:
used to introduce a statement that repeats and stresses something previously said .

Again, this is a serious problem.
Definition 5:
used to ask someone to repeat something because you did not hear or understand it clearly .

What was your name again?
Definition 6:
used in phrases like (chiefly US) half again as much and (chiefly Brit) half as much again to compare two amounts .

My ticket costs half again as much as your ticket. [=(for example) my ticket costs $15 and your ticket costs $10]

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