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Definition 1:
To move with your legs at a speed that is faster than walking often used figuratively .

How fast can you run?
He runs faster than anyone else on the team.
She ran up the stairs to get her jacket.
We ran for the train—but missed it.
I heard her scream and ran to help.
She ran to me for help.
The dog ran away from me.
The dog ran toward me.
When I called the dog, he came running.
Don’t expect me to come running every time you want something. I’m not your servant.
The chickens were running loose in the yard.
The horses ran wild.
He ran at me with a knife. [=he ran toward me with a knife in his hand]
He ran back to his ex-girlfriend after I dumped him.
You can’t keep running away from your problems.
Don’t come running to me when you get in trouble.
Don’t let your imagination run wild. I’m sure nothing bad has happened.
Definition 2:
To leave a place quickly by running often + away often + off .

When the alarm sounded, the robbers ran.
He dropped the gun and ran.
Quick! Run and get a doctor!
The ambushed soldiers ran for cover.
They had the enemy running scared.
When she saw all the people in the audience, she had a sudden urge to run away.
They ran away screaming.
When they saw the police, they quickly ran off.
Definition 3:
To run as part of a sport, for exercise, or in a race no obj + obj .

He ran on the track team in college.
She’s running in the marathon this year.
The horse will not be running in this race.
I run six miles every day.
She ran a great race. [=she ran very well in the race]
He ran track in college.
She’s running the marathon this year.
The marathon will be run tomorrow. [=people will be running the marathon tomorrow]
Definition 4:
To carry and run with (the ball) + obj no obj .

He ran the football for a 20-yard gain.
He ran the kick back to the 40-yard line.
He ran for 15 yards.
Definition 5:
To run from base to base no obj + obj .

He runs well and might attempt a steal.
He runs the bases well.
Definition 6:
To cause (an animal) to run .

He ran the horse through the fields.
Definition 7:
To be a candidate in an election for a particular office often + for often + against .

She is running [=(Brit) standing] for mayor.
He is running against her in the upcoming election.
Definition 8:
To direct the business or activities of (something) .

She runs [=manages] the restaurant/hotel/store.
He runs the after-school program.
The President is doing a good job running the country.
The company is badly/privately run.
State/family-run companies
I’m old enough to run my own life! [=make my own decisions]
Definition 9:
To do (a test or check) on someone or something often + on .

The doctors need to run some more tests.
The doctors ran some tests on the blood samples.
The police ran a security check on him.
Definition 10:
To use and control (something) .

I’m not licensed to run [=operate] a forklift.
Definition 11:
To put (something) into operation .

You should run the engine for a few minutes before you start driving.
He ran the program (on the computer).
Definition 12:
To function or operate often + on .

Never leave your car unattended while the engine is running.
He didn’t know the camera was still running.
He had his new computer up and running in no time.
This software runs on most computers.
The car runs on [=uses] diesel.
Definition 13:
To go on a particular route or at particular times .

The bus/ferry runs every hour.
The train runs between New York and Washington.
Trains no longer run on this track.
The buses are running late. [=the buses are late]
Definition 14:
To have (a bus, train, ferry, etc.) traveling on a route .

They run extra trains on Saturdays.
Definition 15:
To make a quick trip to a place for something .

She ran (up/down) to the store for bread and milk.
He ran over to the neighbors for some sugar.
Definition 16:
To drive (someone) a short distance to a place or event .

I have to run the kids to soccer practice.
Definition 17:
To bring (something) quickly to someone who is at a particular place .

Wait here. I’m just going to run this in/inside to her.
He ran an umbrella out to her before she drove off.
Definition 18:
To do (something that involves making a quick trip) :to do (an errand) .

I have a few errands to run after I leave work today.
Definition 19:
To cause (a driver or vehicle) to move in a particular direction .

That car tried to run me off the road!
She ran her car off the road.
He ran the car into a tree.
Definition 20:
To move in a particular direction see also run into (below) run over (below).

His car ran off the road. = He ran off the road.
Definition 21:
To cause (something) to pass through, over, along, or into something else .

She ran her fingers through my hair.
He ran a brush over the dog’s fur.
I quickly ran my eyes over/down the list of names.
Definition 22:
To travel or spread in a fast or uncontrolled way .

Whispers ran through the crowd.
A chill ran up/down my spine.
Definition 23:
To go or extend in a particular direction sometimes used figuratively .

The boundary line runs east.
The road runs through the mountain.
The highway runs from Boston to New York.
My tastes in novels run to/toward science fiction and thrillers. [=I tend to like science fiction and thrillers]
Such behavior runs counter to [=such behavior does not agree with] the values of our society.
He does nothing that would run against [=go against] his moral principles.
Definition 24:
used to describe the position of a road, path, etc. .

The highway runs close to the shore.
The route runs the length of the eastern coast.
A path runs along the ridge.
The pipes run beneath the floor.
There was a scratch running down the side of the car.
Definition 25:
To cause (something, such as a wire or cable) to go or extend from one point to another .

He ran the wires up from the basement.
Definition 26:
To bring (something) from one country into another country illegally and secretly .

He was arrested for running [=smuggling] drugs into the country.
Definition 27:
To flow :to flow in a particular direction .

He left the water running.
The river runs down to the valley.
The river runs into the gulf.
The tide was running out.
Sand ran out of the bag.
Steam runs through the pipes.
Blood was running down his leg.
Definition 28:
To cause (something) to flow or to produce a flow of water .

She ran the tap/faucet.
Run the water until it gets hot.
Definition 29:
To prepare (a bath) by running a faucet .

She ran a hot bath for her husband. = She ran her husband a hot bath.
Definition 30:
To produce a flow of liquid .

Chopping the onions made my eyes run. [=water]
I knew I was getting sick when my nose started to run.
A running sore
Definition 31:
To spread or flow into another area .

Your eyeliner is running.
Mascara ran from her eyes.
The paint ran in some spots.
The writing was blurred where the ink ran.
Definition 32:
To have a color that spreads onto other pieces of clothing when clothes are washed together .

Her red shirt ran and made my blue jeans look purple.
Colors that run
Definition 33:
To continue or remain effective for a particular period of time .

His contract runs until next season.
She received six months on each charge, and the sentences are to run concurrently.
The course runs over a six-week period of time.
The televised game ran 30 minutes over the scheduled time.
The play has run for six months.
Things ran smoothly at the office while the boss was away.
Definition 34:
To be or to begin to be something specified .

The well has run dry.
Her creativity has run dry.
We are running low on fuel. [=our supply of fuel is getting low]
Supplies were running low/short.
We ran short of money. [=we did not have enough money]
I have to hurry. I’m running late. [=I’m late; I’m behind schedule]
The project is running behind schedule.
Definition 35:
To include everything between specified limits :range .

The prices for tickets run from $10 to $50.
Definition 36:
To allow charges on (a bill) to add up before paying .

He ran a tab at the bar.
Definition 37:
To have (an amount of money) as a price .

The rooms run [=cost] $100 a night.
Definition 38:
To have or reach a particular length, size, or amount .

The book runs (to) nearly 500 pages.
Their annual budget runs to about 5 million dollars.
Their yearly income runs into/to six figures. [=their yearly income is more than $100,000]
Gas is running at over $4 per gallon. [=gas prices are over $4 per gallon]
Definition 39:
To print or broadcast (something) .

Every newspaper in the city ran the story.
The ad was run in yesterday’s newspaper.
The news station ran a feature on how to eat healthier.
Definition 40:
To appear in print or on television .

Many of his stories ran in national magazines.
The show has run for five seasons.
Definition 41:
To produce (a copy of a document, newspaper, etc.) using a printer or copying machine see also run off (below).

10,000 copies were run for the first edition.
Definition 42:
To have (particular words) in writing or print .

“We Will Not Lose” ran the headline. [=the headline was/said “We Will Not Lose”]
Definition 43:
To be expressed in words .

The definition runs as follows …
Definition 44:
To drive past or through (a stop sign or red traffic light) illegally without stopping .

He ran a red light. = He ran the light.
She ran the stop sign.
Definition 45:
To start to have a long hole that continues to get longer .

The nylons are guaranteed not to run. [=(Brit) ladder]
Definition 46:
To own and maintain (a vehicle) .

I can’t afford to run a car on my salary.

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