Extended Dream

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Definition 1:
Extending a great distance from one end to the other end :not short .

long hair
long legs
A long corridor
The bridge is the longest in the world.
We drove a long distance.
The long/longer side of the building
The pants are a little (too) long for me. [=they should be shorter in order to fit me]
Definition 2:
Extending a specified distance :having a specified length .

One meter long
The whale was 50 feet long.
“How long was the race?” “The race was five miles long.”
Definition 3:
Lasting or continuing for a great amount of time .

A long pause/wait
They’ve had a long and happy marriage.
She finds it hard to sit still for long periods of time.
It’s a long movie.
The company has a long tradition of serving its customers well.
I’ve known them for a long time. [=many years]
I haven’t seen them for/in a (very) long time. = (US) I haven’t seen them for the longest time.
The changes took a long time to come. = The changes were long in coming. [=the changes did not happen quickly]
It happened a long time ago. [=far in the past; not at all recently]
The test should take an hour at the longest. [=it should not be longer than an hour]
She is used to working long hours. [=she often works for many hours at a time]
He has a very long memory. [=he remembers things that happened far in the past]
Someone with long experience in the UN [=someone who has been in the UN many years]
She gave him a long look. [=she looked at him for many seconds]
It’s been a long day. [=a difficult day in which time seems to go by slowly]
We took Friday off and went to the coast for a long weekend. [=a weekend with an extra day added to it]
Definition 4:
Lasting or continuing for a specified amount of time see also daylong monthlong weeklong.

The movie is three hours long. [=it lasts three hours]
A day is 24 hours long.
Definition 5:
Having many pages, items, etc. .

A long book/essay/list
The team has had a long streak of wins.
Definition 6:
Having a specified number of pages, items, etc. .

The book is 300 pages long.
The team’s winning streak is 12 games long.
Definition 7:
Covering all or most of the arms or legs .

A shirt with long sleeves
long pants
A long skirt
Definition 8:
Going beyond the area of play .

His second serve was long, so he lost the point.
Definition 9:
used to identify certain vowel sounds in English compare short 8.

long and short vowels
The long “a” in “make”
The long “e” in “sweet”
The long “i” in “ice”
The long “u” in “use”
Definition 10:
Showing sadness .

Why the long face? [=you look sad; why are you sad?]

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