Drunk Reluctant To Buy Round?

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Definition 1:
Difficult to move :fastened, attached, or held in a position that is not easy to move opposite loose.

The lid is too tight. I can’t loosen it.
She made a tight knot in the rope.
Keep a tight grip/hold on his hand when you cross the street.
Definition 2:
Fitting very close to your body opposite loose see also skintight.

tight [=snug] T-shirts
A tight pair of jeans = a pair of tight jeans
These shoes are too tight. [=they are too small]
A tight bandage
Definition 3:
Flat or firm from being pulled or stretched opposite loose.

A tight wire/string
Pull the ribbon tight and make a bow.
Definition 4:
Tense or stiff :not relaxed opposite loose.

Her muscles were tight.
His throat/chest felt tight.
A tight smile
She answered in a tight voice.
Definition 5:
Hard and muscular .

An athlete with a tight stomach/body
He has tight abs.
Definition 6:
Having parts that are very close together see also airtight watertight.

The cat was curled into a tight ball.
A fabric with a tight weave
The swimming goggles should create a tight seal around your eyes.
Definition 7:
Not having or allowing much room .

Space was tight at their first home. [=their first home was small; they did not have much room]
There’s a tight space you can crawl through underneath the house.
The tunnel gets pretty tight up ahead.
We got everything into the suitcase, but it was a tight squeeze. [=the suitcase was very full/packed]
Definition 8:
Not having or allowing much time .

We are on a tight schedule.
The project has a very tight deadline.
Time was tight, so we couldn’t stay long.
Definition 9:
Close or equal in score, progress, or ability .

It was a very tight race/game.
It was one of the tightest presidential elections in history.
The teams play in a tight division.
Definition 10:
Not allowing much freedom :strict about controlling what happens .

She kept a tight hand on the business. [=she controlled the business in a very strict way]
The mayor put tighter security in place for the concert.
He has people working for him, but he has/keeps a tight rein on every part of the process.
Definition 11:
Difficult or awkward .

You’ve put me in a tight spot. [=a difficult position]
They were in a tight spot financially. [=they did not have much money; they were having financial problems]
Definition 12:
Low in supply :not easily available .

We can’t afford a vacation right now because money is tight. [=scarce]
Jobs are tight right now. [=there are not many jobs available right now]
Definition 13:
used to describe a situation that is difficult because there is not enough of something .

Things have been a little tight [=money has been scarce] since I lost my job.
A tight job market [=a situation in which there are few jobs]
Definition 14:
Not giving or spending money freely :stingy or cheap .

He’s pretty tight with his money.
Definition 15:
Having a close personal or professional relationship often + with .

We’ve been tight [=very friendly] for a long time.
A tight group of friends
She’s tight with the boss.
Definition 16:
Curving or changing direction suddenly .

There is a tight [=sharp] bend in the road up ahead.
Make a tight right turn at the traffic light.
Definition 17:
Very drunk .

Getting tight at a bar

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