Doctor Green With A Large Senior Soldier

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Definition 1:
Of, relating to, or affecting all the people or things in a group :involving or including many or most people .

They have issued a general warning/order.
A general alarm
The general mood here is optimistic. [=most people here are optimistic]
The general consensus is that we should go ahead.
It’s a story with general interest. = It’s a general-interest story. [=it is a story that will interest many or most people]
Definition 2:
Relating to the main or major parts of something rather than the details :not specific .

The witness was able to provide a very general description of the thief.
She began her talk with some general observations about the state of the industry.
The book provides a good general introduction to the subject.
My concerns are all general—nothing specific.
The details of the new plan are different, but it’s based on the same general concept/idea.
My general impression was that things were going well.
Definition 3:
used to indicate that a description relates to an entire person or thing rather than a particular part .

The building was in good general shape.
Her general [=overall] health is good.
Definition 4:
Not exact :approximate .

They were found in the same general area.
I’m going in the general direction of the store.
Definition 5:
Ordinary, normal, or usual .

Their general practice in such cases is to offer a deal. = As a general rule, they offer a deal in such cases. [=they usually/generally offer a deal in such cases]
Definition 6:
Of the basic or usual kind :not special or specialized .

A general hospital
A science book for the general reader [=the reader who is not a scientist]
A doctor practicing general medicine [=basic health care that is not specialized]
Definition 7:
Of high rank :having wide authority or responsibility see also attorney general inspector general.

A general manager
A general contractor [=a contractor who is in charge of a building project]

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