Dicky Simpers To Grab Attention

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Definition 1:
To cause (someone) to feel admiration or interest + obj often used as (be) impressed no obj .

He’s trying to impress her. [=he is trying to win her admiration; he wants her to like him]
The candidate impressed us with his qualifications. = The candidate’s qualifications impressed us.
What really impressed me was their enthusiasm. = It really impressed me that they were so enthusiastic.
We were (favorably/deeply/very) impressed by/with his credentials.
I am impressed that you can play the violin so well.
I was particularly/especially impressed by their enthusiasm.
She’s bright, ambitious, and eager to impress.
Definition 2:
To put (something) in someone’s mind :to produce a clear idea or image of (something) + on or upon .

The speaker tried to impress the dangers of drugs on the children. = The speaker tried to impress on the children how dangerous drugs can be. [=tried to make the children understand very clearly how dangerous drugs can be]
Definition 3:
To produce (something, such as a picture) by pushing something against a surface .

A design impressed on the book’s cover

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