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Definition 1:
Something (such as a door) that is used as a way to go out of a place sometimes used figuratively compare entrance 2 In U.S. English a door or passage that leads outside or to an exit door is marked Exit, while in British English it is often marked Way Out..

Use the emergency exit in case of fire.
There are 12 exits in the building.
We can’t get out this way: the sign says “No Exit.”
The exit door
The deal provides an exit for the company. [=a way for the company to stop being involved in something]
Definition 2:
The act of going out or away from something .

Her exit [=departure] was not noticed at the time.
He made a quick exit. [=he left quickly]
We made an early exit from the show. [=we left the show early]
Definition 3:
The act of leaving a situation, competition, etc. .

Most fans were surprised by the team’s early exit from the tournament. [=surprised that the team lost and was out of the tournament at an early stage]
The company needs to have an exit strategy. [=a plan for ending its involvement when it wants or needs to end it]
Definition 4:
A special road by which vehicles leave a highway .

Take the first exit.
exit ramps

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