Dalliance With A B-blonde?

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Definition 1:
Work or activities done for a purpose :commercial, professional, public, or personal business .

The group conducts its affairs [=business] in private.
We were told to arrange/settle our affairs. = We were told to put our affairs in order.
Handling/managing someone else’s affairs
They seem to be quite pleased with the current/present state of affairs. [=situation]
She’s the company’s director of public affairs. [=the person who manages a company’s relationship with the public]
She’s an expert in foreign affairs. [=events and activities that involve foreign countries]
world/international affairs [=events and activities that involve different nations]
After the war, the government focused on its own domestic affairs.
They accused the U.S. of interfering in the internal affairs of other nations.
Definition 2:
A matter that concerns or involves someone .

This has nothing to do with you. It’s not your affair. [=business, concern] = It’s none of your affair. [=business]
How I choose to live is my affair, not yours.
Definition 3:
A secret sexual relationship between two people :love affair often used in the phrase have an affair often + with .

Adulterous/extramarital affairs between married men and single women
She divorced her husband after she discovered that he was having an affair.
She had an affair with a coworker.
Definition 4:
A social event or activity .

He wants to make their wedding day an affair to remember. [=a special event]
A simple/elaborate affair
We were invited to a black-tie affair [=a party in which men wear tuxedos and women wear fancy dresses] at the governor’s mansion.
Definition 5:
An event or series of events that usually involves well-known people often used with proper names .

The famous hostage affair of the late 1970s
The public has shown little interest in the whole affair.
The Iran-Contra affair [=scandal]
Definition 6:
Something made or produced :an object or thing .

The only bridge across the river was a flimsy affair of ropes and rotten wood.

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