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Definition 1:
A confused or messy state :a lack of order or organization often used with in opposite order.

People who witnessed the tragedy describe a scene of disorder [=chaos] as rescuers tried to find survivors.
The filing system was thrown into disorder [=was disrupted or upset] when the computer program malfunctioned.
His finances were in complete disorder. [=his finances were not organized]
The clothes/papers were in (a state of) disorder.
Definition 2:
A state or situation in which there is a lot of noise, crime, violent behavior, etc. opposite order.

The mayor is concerned that a rally could create/cause public disorder.
Problems of crime and social disorder
Definition 3:
A physical or mental condition that is not normal or healthy count noncount .

A dermatologist treats disorders [=diseases] of the skin.
An eating disorder
A disorder of the blood = a blood disorder
Millions of people suffer from some form of personality/mental disorder.

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