Break In Sandbar Around Large Island

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Definition 1:
A pleasant and relaxed feeling that someone has when something unpleasant stops or does not happen noncount singular .

I felt such a sense of relief after I finished my thesis.
He expressed relief that the crisis was finally over.
Much to everyone’s relief, the airplane took off without any problems.
She breathed a sigh of relief. [=she no longer felt tension, worry, fear, etc.]
What a relief it is to be back home.
Definition 2:
The removal or reducing of something that is painful or unpleasant .

I want relief from my headaches. [=I want my headaches to stop]
Pain relief
Exercise is an excellent source of stress relief.
Both candidates promised tax relief for middle-class families.
Definition 3:
Things (such as food, money, or medicine) that are given to help people who are victims of a war, earthquake, flood, etc. .

Disaster/famine relief
Countries from around the world have been sending relief to the flood victims.
Relief workers [=people whose job it is to provide aid] delivered medical supplies.
We donated to the relief effort for the hurricane victims.
Definition 4:
Money that is given by the government to poor people :welfare .

My father lost his job and we had to go on relief.
Definition 5:
A person or group that replaces another person or group that needs rest or has finished a period of work often used before another noun .

30,000 troops will be sent abroad as relief for the deployed soldiers.
The relief driver took over after the midway point of the race.
A relief crew
Definition 6:
Something that is enjoyable and that replaces for a short time something that is boring, unpleasant, or difficult singular noncount .

Just one day of sunshine would be a welcome relief from the rainy weather we’ve been having lately.
His character provides a little comic relief in what is otherwise a very serious and dramatic movie.
Definition 7:
A way of decorating wood, stone, metal, etc., with designs that stick out above the surface .

Each gold coin depicts the queen’s head in relief on the front.
Definition 8:
A work of art with designs that stick out above the surface see also bas-relief.

Ancient marble reliefs
Definition 9:
A situation in which something is more noticeable when it is compared to something else .

The trees stood in stark relief against the sky.
Her political activism throws the apathy of others into sharp relief. [=makes the apathy of others very noticeable]

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