Bloodsucker Set Out For Movie Passes

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Definition 1:
A piece of paper that allows you to see a show, participate in an event, travel on a vehicle, etc. see also season ticket.

May I see your tickets, please? = Tickets, please.
We bought tickets for/to the opera.
A movie/concert ticket
A bus/train ticket
She bought a one-way ticket to New York. [=a ticket that allows her to travel to New York]
(US) a round-trip ticket = (Brit) a return ticket [=a ticket that allows you to travel to one place and then return back to the place you left]
Definition 2:
A card or piece of paper that shows that you are participating in a contest, raffle, etc. see also scratch ticket.

A winning lottery ticket
Definition 3:
A piece of paper that officially tells you that you have driven or parked your car improperly and that you will have to pay a fine see also parking ticket speeding ticket.

I got a ticket for speeding.
Definition 4:
A piece of paper that is attached to an item in a store and that gives information about its price, size, etc. .

A price ticket [=tag]
Definition 5:
A list of the candidates supported by a political party in an election see also split ticket split the ticket at split.

The senator heads her party’s ticket. [=she is the leader of her party in the election]
The Republican/Democratic ticket
Definition 6:
Something that makes it possible to get or achieve something that you want see also meal ticket.

She believed that education was the/her ticket to a good job.
He expected the novel to be his ticket to fame and fortune.
This job could be their ticket out of poverty.
Definition 7:
The correct or most desirable thing :the thing that is needed or wanted often used in the phrase just the ticket .

Compromise, now that’s the ticket. [=that’s what we need]
For a romantic dinner, candles are just the ticket.

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