Beat Republican Restrained Outside

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Definition 1:
Feeling a need to rest or sleep :weary see also dog-tired.

I was really tired after the long trip.
She’s too tired to go out tonight.
tired muscles
The children were tired after the hike.
Definition 2:
Bored or annoyed by something because you have heard it, seen it, done it, etc., for a long time + of .

He’s tired of working for other people.
Are you tired of your job?
I got tired of listening to her.
She never gets tired of their music.
I’m sick and tired of [=very tired of] your complaining.
Definition 3:
Used over and over again .

We had to listen to the same old tired excuses again.
A tired joke
Definition 4:
Worn down by long use :run-down .

A neighborhood of tired houses
A tired old town

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