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Definition 1:
To take in (something, such as a liquid) in a natural or gradual way often used as (be) absorbed .

A sponge absorbs water.
Plant roots absorb moisture.
A fabric that absorbs sweat
Water is absorbed by plants through their roots.
Nutrients that are absorbed into the body
Definition 2:
To draw in (heat, light, energy, etc.) .

The walls are made of a material that absorbs sound.
absorbing heat from the sun
Definition 3:
To learn (something) .

She is good at absorbing information/knowledge.
He has retained the values that he absorbed as a young man.
Definition 4:
To take in and make (something) part of a larger group, country, etc. .

A country that has absorbed many immigrants
Smaller countries invaded and absorbed by/into bigger ones
Definition 5:
To take up the whole interest or attention of (someone) If you are absorbed in something, you are fully involved in it. .

His interest in photography absorbs him completely.
I was so absorbed by her story that I lost track of time.
She was (completely) absorbed in [=lost in] thought.
He quickly found himself absorbed in [=engrossed by] the movie.
Definition 6:
To prevent (something harmful or unwanted) from passing through .

The frame of the car absorbed the impact.
Definition 7:
To accept or deal with (something that is difficult, harmful, etc.) .

The company has had to absorb many setbacks in the past year.
The expenses were absorbed [=borne] by his family.
Definition 8:
To use up (something) .

His work absorbs almost all of his time.

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