Argument Incorrect, Make Clear

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Definition 1:
To show someone where to look by moving your finger or an object held in your hand in a particular direction no obj often + at often + to often + toward + obj see also finger-pointing.

“It’s not polite to point,” she said.
When I asked the child where his mother was, he pointed in the direction of the house.
Pointing with his cane, the old man asked, “Whose dog is that?”
It’s not polite to point at people.
All the kids were pointing and laughing at me.
She pointed at the map on the wall.
“It’s time to leave,” he said pointing at his watch.
She pointed to me and asked me to stand up.
He pointed toward the door.
She pointed her finger at the door.
Definition 2:
To cause the front or tip of (something) to be turned toward someone or something often + at .

Point [=aim] the flashlight into the hole.
They pointed their microphones in my direction.
She pointed her camera at us.
A gun was pointed at his head.
Definition 3:
To have the end or tip extended, aimed, or turned in a specified direction .

We can leave when the minute hand points to 12.
Stand with your arms at your sides and your hands pointing downward.
The ship was pointing into the wind.
Definition 4:
To use a mouse or other device to move the pointer on a computer screen to a particular object or place + obj no obj .

Just point the arrow on the icon and click.
Just point and click.
Definition 5:
To show (someone) which direction to travel in order to reach a particular place :to direct (someone) toward something .

She pointed him to the school’s library.
Could you point me in the direction of the train station?
If you just point me in the general direction, I think I can find it.
Definition 6:
To give a sharp end to (something) .

He was pointing [=(more commonly) sharpening] a stick with a knife.
Definition 7:
To repair (a wall, chimney, etc.) by putting new cement or other material between the bricks or stones .

The wall needs to be pointed.

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