Animal Lair

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Definition 1:
The home of some kinds of wild animals see also lion’s den.

A fox’s den [=lair]
The bears will spend most of the winter in their den.
Definition 2:
An informal and comfortable room in a house .

The TV is in the den.
Definition 3:
A small and quiet room in a house where someone goes to read, work, etc. .

He spent most evenings in the den reading and smoking his pipe.
Definition 4:
A secret place where people meet especially to do things that are illegal or immoral .

A den of thieves
A gambling den
An opium den
The club’s reputation as a den of iniquity [=a place where immoral or illegal things are done]
Definition 5:
A small often secret structure that children play in .

The children had built themselves a den in the woods.
Definition 6:
A group of Cub Scouts see also den mother.

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