Anger About New Stove

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Definition 1:
A group or collection of different things or people that are usually similar in some way usually singular usually + of .

We’ll be covering a range of topics in this class.
The rugs are available in a range of colors.
The new computer system should solve a whole range of problems.
Definition 2:
A series of numbers that includes the highest and lowest possible amounts usually singular .

What’s the salary range for the job? [=what are the highest and lowest salaries that people are paid for the job?]
The car is out of our price range. [=it is too expensive]
Bicycles come in every price range.
The game is designed for children in the 7 to 13 age range.
His blood pressure is in the normal range.
Tickets cost in the $200 range. [=tickets cost approximately $200]
Definition 3:
The total amount of ability, knowledge, experience, etc., that a person has usually singular .

An actor with an impressive range [=an impressive ability to act many roles]
The technical vocabulary is a little outside my range (of expertise).
Definition 4:
All of the notes that a particular person can sing or that a particular musical instrument can make usually singular .

The song is out of my vocal range.
The singer’s range has gotten broader over the years.
Definition 5:
A specified distance noncount count .

The photograph was taken at close/short range. [=taken from a close distance]
You can see the whole playing field at long range. [=from far away]
Both photographs were shot at close ranges.
Definition 6:
The distance over which someone or something can see, hear, or reach someone or something else noncount count .

We were within the siren’s range. = We were within range of the siren. [=we could hear the siren]
I can’t get the radio station west of the mountains because I’m out of range there.
She told the children not to wander out of range of her voice/vision.
The troops were within range of the enemy’s artillery.
A missile with a 400-mile range = a missile with a range of 400 miles
The antenna gives the radio a range of about 20 miles.
Definition 7:
The distance that an airplane or other vehicle can travel before it needs more fuel .

The airplane has a 1,200-mile range. = The airplane has a range of 1,200 miles.
Definition 8:
A series of mountains or hills in a line sometimes used in the names of mountain ranges .

The northern and southern mountain ranges
The Cascade Range
Definition 9:
Open land that farm animals (such as cows and sheep) use for grazing and roaming :rangeland noncount count .

The areas of open range in Wyoming
The book identifies plants that grow on the western ranges.
Definition 10:
The ability to move around .

He wears loose clothing to give his arms and legs free range of motion.
Definition 11:
The area in which an animal or plant naturally lives .

The grizzly bear’s range is largely limited to the northwestern parts of North America.
Definition 12:
A place where people can practice shooting guns .

A firing/shooting/rifle range
Definition 13:
A place where weapons are tested .

A missile range
Definition 14:
A place where people can practice hitting golf balls :driving range.

Definition 15:
A large piece of kitchen equipment that consists of an oven and a stove see picture at kitchen.

A gas/electric range [=(Brit) cooker]
Definition 16:
A group of related products that are sold by one company .

The company has a wide product range.
A full range [=line] of electrical supplies

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