American TV Channel?

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Definition 1:
A long, hollow object that is used especially to control the flow of a liquid or gas .

She was breathing oxygen through a tube.
The nurse inserted a feeding tube. [=a tube used to deliver food to the stomach of a patient who cannot eat]
Definition 2:
An object shaped like a pipe see also inner tube test tube vacuum tube.

A tube of lipstick
A cardboard tube
Definition 3:
A soft, long, narrow container that has a small opening at one end and that contains a soft material which can be pushed out by squeezing .

A tube of paint/toothpaste
Definition 4:
A thin, long, hollow part within an animal or plant .

The bronchial tubes
A pollen tube
Definition 5:
The television see also boob tube cathode-ray tube.

They spent all afternoon sitting in front of the tube. [=(Brit) the box]
What’s on the tube tonight?
Definition 6:
The system of trains that run underground in London .

It’s easy to get around London on the tube.
There’s a tube station a couple of blocks away from here.
She travels by tube to work every day.

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