Wrong To Harness Power For Short Trip

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Definition 1:
To turn or cause someone or something to turn around repeatedly no obj + obj .

The Earth spins [=rotates] on its axis once a day.
The car hit a patch of ice and spun into the wall.
A spinning propeller
He spun around [=turned around quickly] and looked at me in surprise.
The children were spinning a top.
He grabbed her and spun her around. [=he grabbed her and turned her around quickly]
Definition 2:
To seem to be moving around in a way that makes you feel dizzy or sick .

I tried to stand up but the room was spinning.
After the night of drinking, my head was spinning. [=I was dizzy]
All of that information made my head spin. [=made me feel confused or dizzy]
Definition 3:
To draw out and twist fibers of cotton, wool, silk, etc., into yarn or thread + obj no obj see also spinning wheel.

She spun the silk into thread.
They spun the wool into yarn.
Tools used for spinning
Definition 4:
To form (something) by producing a fluid that quickly hardens into a thread .

A spider spinning its web
Worms spinning silk
Definition 5:
To tell (a story, especially a story that you create by using your imagination) .

He was spinning yarns [=telling stories] about his adventures in the navy.
She spun a tale [=made up a story] about her car breaking down to explain why she was late.
Definition 6:
To move very quickly on wheels or in a vehicle .

The motorcycles spun [=sped] along the country road.
Definition 7:
To describe (something, such as an event) in a certain way in order to influence what people think about it .

Both parties tried to spin the debate as a victory for their candidate.
He accused the companies of spinning the results of their studies to their own benefit.
Definition 8:
To play recorded music at a party or nightclub .

We hired my favorite DJ to spin records/tunes/discs at the party.

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