Worried About French Article Being Approved

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Definition 1:
To become clear: such as.

Definition 2:
To change so that there are no clouds, fog, etc. see also clear up (below).

The sky cleared after the rain.
The weather is cloudy now, but it’s clearing gradually.
Definition 3:
To go away .

The clouds cleared (from the sky) after the rain.
The morning fog gradually cleared.
When the smoke cleared, we could see that the building had been completely destroyed.
Definition 4:
To change by becoming easier to see through :to become transparent or more transparent .

The water cleared after the mud had settled.
Definition 5:
To become free of marks or spots see also clear up (below).

My skin cleared when I started using the cream.
Definition 6:
When your head clears or when something clears your head, you become more awake or alert and are able to think in a normal way without confusion. .

My head cleared after a good night’s sleep. = A good night’s sleep cleared my head. [=I was able to think clearly again after a good night’s sleep]
Definition 7:
When your vision/eyesight clears you become able to see things correctly. .

When I woke up everything was blurry at first, but then my vision gradually cleared.
Definition 8:
To remove something entirely from an area or place .

He used a shovel to clear the snow off/from the driveway. = He used a shovel to clear the driveway of snow.
They cleared timber from/off the land.
She cleared everything out of the closet.
I’ll clear those books out of the/your way.
She cleared [=removed] the dishes from the table. = She cleared the table (of dishes).
Definition 9:
To cause the people in an area or place to leave + obj no obj .

clear a room of unwanted visitors = clear unwanted visitors from a room
The alarm cleared [=emptied] the room (of people).
The room cleared quickly when the alarm sounded. [=the people in the room left quickly when the alarm sounded]
Definition 10:
To leave (an area or place) so that it is empty .

The police ordered the crowd to clear the area.
Definition 11:
To make (a path, road, open space, etc.) by removing things that block or cover an area or surface .

The guide cleared a path for us through the jungle.
I cleared a space on the desk for my new computer.
Definition 12:
To go over, under, or past (something) without touching .

The horse cleared [=jumped over] the fence easily.
The pole-vaulter cleared 15 feet on his first try.
The boat’s sail just/narrowly cleared [=passed under] the bottom of the bridge.
Definition 13:
To prove that (someone) is not guilty of a crime .

The investigation cleared him officially of all the charges against him.
He says he’s innocent and he wants an opportunity to clear himself. = He wants an opportunity to clear his name. [=to prove that he is innocent]
Definition 14:
To get approval for (something) .

You should clear the article with your boss before trying to get it published.
Definition 15:
To give approval for (something) .

Her boss cleared [=approved] the article for publication.
Definition 16:
To say that (someone) has official permission to do something .

The head of the agency has cleared her to see classified information.
The flight/plane/pilot was cleared to land. = The flight/plane/pilot was cleared for landing. [=the flight/plane/pilot was given official permission/clearance to land]
We were cleared (to go) through customs. = We cleared customs.
Definition 17:
To be passed or officially approved by (a group) .

The bill has finally cleared the Senate. [=the Senate has finally passed the bill]
Definition 18:
To pay all the money that is owed for (a debt or loan) .

clear a debt
Definition 19:
To gain (an amount of money) after paying all costs, taxes, etc. .

After paying our expenses we cleared almost 1,000 dollars on the deal.
clear a profit
Definition 20:
When a check clears or is cleared, it goes through the process of being reviewed and accepted by a bank, and the money for the check is taken from the bank’s account. .

Checks can take up to four days to clear. = Checks can take up to four days to be cleared.
The check failed to clear. [=the check bounced]

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