Witty Conservative At Bar

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Definition 1:
Intelligent and able to learn things quickly .

A few clever [=smart, bright] students have started a business recycling old computers.
Some cats are clever enough to figure out how to operate doorknobs.
Definition 2:
Showing intelligent thinking often used in a joking or ironic way to describe a foolish idea, action, etc. .

A clever design/invention
That’s the cleverest idea I’ve heard yet!
She found a clever hiding place for the letter.
Whose clever idea was it to leave the window open?
Definition 3:
Funny in a way that shows intelligence .

I enjoyed the play’s clever [=witty] dialogue.
Definition 4:
Talking in a rude way that is meant to show you are smart .

Don’t you start getting clever [=(US) fresh] with me! [=don’t speak to me in a disrespectful way]
Definition 5:
Good at doing things with your hands :skillful .

Even as a little boy playing with blocks he was clever with his hands.
A clever machinist
Definition 6:
used in various negative expressions to suggest that someone is not feeling well .

I’d had a few drinks and wasn’t feeling very clever.
For someone who hasn’t been feeling too clever lately, he just played a great round of golf.

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