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Definition 1:
To watch and sometimes also listen to (someone or something) carefully + obj no obj .

The class will be observing the movements of fish.
The patient must be observed constantly.
Children learn by observing their parents and others.
The story is a closely/well observed [=very realistic] portrait of the city.
The new teacher will give the lesson today and the principal will observe.
Definition 2:
To see and notice (someone or something) .

We observed a large flock of birds heading north.
He observed two children playing with marbles on the street corner.
She observed that every man in the room had removed his hat.
Few cases of the disease have been observed in humans.
Definition 3:
To make a comment about something you notice .

“The paint,” she observed [=remarked, said], “is already starting to peel.”
Looking around at the shuttered houses, he observed [=commented] that the island was entirely different in the winter.
Definition 4:
To do what a custom, rule, law, etc., says you should do .

The game will continue only when both teams agree to observe [=follow] the rules.
observing [=keeping] the Sabbath
Definition 5:
To celebrate (a holiday) or honor (a person or event) .

We’ll observe Independence Day at home this year.
They observed a moment of silence to remember their loved ones.

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