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Definition 1:
The system or process that is used for sending and receiving signals through the air without using wires often used before another noun .

The news was sent/received by/over radio.
radio communications/signals
Definition 2:
Programs that are broadcast by radio often used before another noun see also talk radio.

I listen to the radio all the time.
I heard the news/song on the radio.
radio programs/shows/stations
Definition 3:
A device that is used to receive the signals that are broadcast by radio .

There’s a problem with the car’s radio.
A portable/transistor radio
The radio was playing very loudly.
Turn up/down/on/off the radio.
Definition 4:
A device that is used to send and receive messages by radio .

Two-way radios
The pilot’s radio wasn’t working.
Definition 5:
The business that makes and broadcasts radio programs .

He became the most popular talk show host in radio.
She is a powerful force in radio.

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