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Definition 1:
Low or poor in quality .

A bad repair job
bad work
The house is in bad condition/shape.
Definition 2:
Not correct or proper see also bad language.

bad manners
bad [=incorrect, faulty] grammar
A letter written in bad French
bad spelling
A bad check [=a check that cannot be cashed]
Definition 3:
Not pleasant, pleasing, or enjoyable .

He had a bad day at the office.
I was having a bad dream.
She made a very bad impression on her future colleagues.
The food tastes bad.
The flower smells bad.
He has bad breath. [=breath that smells bad]
We’ve been having bad weather lately.
The medicine left a bad taste in his mouth.
It feels bad [=uncomfortable, painful] to stretch out my arm.
I look bad in this hat. = This hat looks bad on me.
That hat doesn’t look bad on you. [=that hat looks good on you]
Definition 4:
Having, marked by, or relating to problems, troubles, etc. see also bad blood bad news.

Good and bad news
They have remained together in good times and bad (times).
It’s a bad time for business right now.
A bad omen
bad luck/fortune
Things are looking pretty bad for us at this point.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Definition 5:
Not adequate or suitable .

I couldn’t take a picture because the lighting was bad.
It’s a bad day for a picnic.
She made a bad marriage.
Is this a bad moment/time to have a word with you?
Definition 6:
Not producing or likely to produce a good result .

A bad deal
A bad risk
A bad idea/plan
The plan has its good points and its bad points.
A bad debt [=a debt that will not be paid]
A bad loan [=a loan that will not be repaid]
Definition 7:
Expressing criticism or disapproval .

The movie got bad reviews.
Definition 8:
Not healthy :marked or affected by injury or disease .

His health is pretty bad. = He’s in pretty bad health.
The patient was pretty bad [=ill, sick] last week and even worse yesterday but is doing better now.
He came home early because he was feeling pretty bad. [=he wasn’t feeling well]
My father has a bad back/leg. [=a back/leg that is always or often painful]
She has bad eyesight/hearing.
bad teeth
Definition 9:
Causing harm or trouble often + for .

A bad diet
A bad influence
bad cholesterol [=a type of cholesterol that can cause serious health problems when there is too much of it in your blood]
Eating too much can be bad for you. = It can be bad for you to eat too much.
Eating all that candy is bad for your teeth.
Watching too much TV is bad for children.
Definition 10:
Not morally good or right :morally evil or wrong see also bad faith.

A bad person
bad conduct/behavior
A man of bad character
bad intentions/deeds
It’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys in this movie.
Definition 11:
Not behaving properly see also bad boy.

A bad dog
I’m afraid your son has been a very bad [=naughty] boy.
Definition 12:
Not skillful :not doing or able to do something well often + at .

A bad musician
A bad doctor
She was pretty bad in that movie. [=she did not act well]
A doctor who’s bad at treating nervous patients
He’s very/really bad at expressing his true feelings.
Definition 13:
Having a tendency not to do something + about .

He’s bad about getting to work on time. [=he often fails to get to work on time]
I’m very bad about remembering people’s birthdays. [=I often forget people’s birthdays]
Definition 14:
Not happy or pleased :feeling regret or guilt about something .

I feel bad about what happened. [=I regret what happened]
She felt bad that she forgot to call. = She felt bad about forgetting to call.
Definition 15:
Not cheerful or calm .

She’s in a bad mood. [=an angry mood]
He has a bad temper. [=he’s bad-tempered; he becomes angry easily]
Definition 16:
Serious or severe .

She’s in bad trouble.
He has a bad cough/cold.
That bruise looks bad: you’d better see a doctor about it.
How bad is the pain?
Definition 17:
No longer good to eat or drink :not fresh .

The smell of bad fish
Is the milk still good or has it gone bad? [=spoiled]
Definition 18:
Very good .

He’s the baddest guitar player you’ll ever hear!
Definition 19:
Very tough or dangerous .

Don’t mess around with him. He’s a bad dude.

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