Water Conduit

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Definition 1:
A long, hollow tube for carrying water, steam, gas, etc. see picture at plumbing see also drainpipe hosepipe stovepipe tailpipe windpipe.

Water/sewer pipes
Copper/lead pipes
Definition 2:
A tube with a small bowl at one end that is used for smoking tobacco see also peace pipe water pipe.

He smokes a pipe.
He lit the pipe.
Definition 3:
A musical instrument that is in the shape of a tube, has holes along the top, and is played by blowing see also panpipe.

Definition 4:
Any one of the large tubes of an organ that produce sound when air goes through them.

Definition 5:

Definition 6:
A singer’s voice .

He has the pipes to sing on Broadway.
A singer with a fine set of pipes

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